About Us

VSIGHT Ventures, is the master brain behind the online resource, jyothishamonline.in. It was organized with an aim to help people deal with their life quite easily, when things seems to fall apart and they have no time to physically visit an astrologer, while they are meddled with a busy schedule. Our online astrological services, has been aligned to reach people all over the world, with a touch over the mouse.

How do we help people?

We have an array of astrology experts available online to comfort, distressed people and imbibe in the waves of happiness and rejuvenation through our consultation services. Our online astrologers are here to provide a wide range of services like Jathakam, Muhurtam, Vahana Pooja, Vivaha Porutham, Grahanila, Online Pooja, and anything and everything that they need.

A lot of people are unaware of the science behind astrology, which is nothing, but the impact of planetary positions on your life and even sometimes, it can affect the people dear to you. These planetary positions and their control over your life is constantly changing, which can be calculated by an expert and, believe us, our online astrologers are always accurate in their calculations which are made manually without the assistance of computers, though your requests are submitted via online. 

Our astrologers can also provide you with an in depth visual of various other related astrological aspects that includes Prasnam, Nimitham and Vasthu. We have a reputed Thantri famous for his expertism at dealing with all kinds of astrological matters performed with spiritual devotion, strength and proper rituals.

Jyothishamonline.in also offers online Pooja performing services . You can choose from the list of online poojas & homams we have specified and book the one that you need. Once you place an order, we will take care of all the rituals pertaining to the Pooja or Homam you have chosen. Depending upon your choice we will arrange for your pooja either at the temple, home or any other organization where you want it to be performed. 

The booking receipt will be mailed to you once the Pooja has been booked and all related arrangements have been made at the temple of your choice. The Prasad of the Pooja or Homam will be delivered at your home if required.

Apart from Pooja and Jyothisham, we have also arranged a range of spiritual products for sale over our online store. Keep Calm and Stay Blessed!! 

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