Bhagavathi Seva is done at Temples and Homes after the Sunset. Parashakthi or Durga Devi is worshipped as Bhagavati. The Pooja uses chanting to invoke the Divine Mother to the center of a Padmam Chakram and Vilakku. Bhagavathi Seva is performed for prosperity, success, welfare of family, removal of obstacles for marriage and to lead a happy life.

Bhagavathi Seva alone cannot be conducted. We have to please Lord Vighneshwaran in the morning by performing a Ganapathi Homam.

We can organise the Pooja/Homam at Home, Office or any other convenient location of your choice (subject to the availability) as per the details you have furnished while making the order. On request, we will arrange the necessary pooja samagris for the homam.

Please fill the form and complete the ordering process. We shall contact you to discuss and schedule this Pooja.

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