If you keep this Protective Yanthram in your house or office, it will eliminate all the evil spirit and keep all negativity, illness, misfortune and so on at bay. This dynamic yanthram is drawn either on silver or copper plate. This Yanthram will bless you to amaze wealth, reputation, peace and will give you ultimate protection from all evils and enemies.

How to use: To place at home/office, in the worship area

The requested Yanthram will be drawn on thin, pure silver plate with sacred symbols and geometrical designs.

Process of making Yanthram will take minimum 30-45 Days. You will be getting an email confirmation from our office upon receiving your order. A completed and energized Yanthram will be sent to you by courier or Indian postal service. You will also be getting courier/postal tracking number after dispatching the same to you.

The Yanthram/Elsas will be sent to you after energizing it by conducting special Pooja and manthra chanting. The information on how to use it will be sent along with the Yanthram/Elas.The Yantra/Elass may be different in shape or size than the picture shown here.  

Due to Customs regulation, right now we are unable to send gold and silver items to abroad. Therefore, regret to say that we can deliver Yanthram & Elas only in India. Delivery of these items to abroad will be started soon.

Yantra Thakid Pure Silver
Dimension Framed size vary

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